Capturing in 3D has never been easier.

  • Virtual tours with photorealistic quality.
  • 360 degree views from every perspective.
  • HD photos and videos for your social media marketing.
  • Floor plan templates including dimensions.


Traditional tours are from the past.

Time-consuming viewing appointments are only offered by the competition.
With Showit 360, you can save time and money for yourself and your counterparts:

  • for sellers - use a supraregional market and outsell at a higher price.
  • for landlords - save your tenant from daily viewing appointments.
  • for tenants - save yourself from daily viewing appointments and find a new tenant faster.
  • for owners - use snapshots for documentation purposes and as basis for negotiation.
  • for builders - maintain the overview over your construction sites.
  • for facility managers - ideally prepare repair orders and maintenance assignments.
  • for operators - offer quick orientation and navigation, even in complex facilities.

Smart real estate management with the latest technology.

Show it 360’s three-dimensional captures provide uncomplicated and mobile access to current snapshots, inventory plans and digital building inspections.

Enjoy the freedom of mobile, worldwide and any time access to your properties and the corresponding plans.

Forget about the search for outdated plans from the construction phase. You never lose sight of your documented structural conditions with current captures. Old captures can be replaced or complemented with current ones at any time.. 

As it is customary for modern real estate management, you can access your data at any time online and provide access for partners.

„The recordings were available via link the next day. That’s how it should be.“

- Thomas Knopp -

Ready wherever you are.

From finding one’s ways quickly in complex facilities over virtual tours for interested parties and experts up to the ideal preparation for facility management or as negotiation basis for banks and insurance companies - Show it 360’s 3D captures are available wherever and whenever you want.


Global audience

1.4 billion people around the world are using the internet - 56 million thereof in Germany:

  • determine worldwide who is allowed to a virtual tour.
  • invite people around the globe to location-independent work and save yourself travel expenses and allowances.
  • achieve maximum reach for your product.

„Simply top-class, quick, save and reliable. 3D can be quite easy"

- Matthias Lang -

Security thanks to strong partners and the latest technology.

With our partners we are able to deliver the best experiences and advanced technology for 3D capturing and mapping. "Show it 360" guarantees the highest quality and security and is your connection to the latest technologies.

Made in bavaria

Innovation from Bavaria - on the market since 2009 our munich partner delivers products which are used at almost every major car manufacturer such as Daimler and BMW as well as at large industrial groups like Siemens.

Welcome to the Valley

In cooperation with Redfin our US partner has a largest market share of 3D visualizations in the real estate sector. As service partner, we have a direct line into Silicon Valley in order to deliver first-class experiences for you in europe well.

Strict privacy guidelines

We do not share your data with third parties and guarantee constant adaption to the newest security technologies through our partners.

Establishing a contact - quick and simple.


Interaction with Showit 360 is quick and simple. You can do everything easily from home.


General information will be available in our support section soon.

If you have additional questions regarding the capture process, the applications or the technology, we are pleased to offer you support via eMail or by phone. 

We would like to allow you the best possible experience and an easy handling with 3D captures, no matter where you are. Thus, we always appreciate feedback on our product and your satisfaction. Submit feedback now.

About us

Showit 360 is innovation & passion. We like to play in the future in order to realize exceptional projects in the presence. Our expert knowledge helps you to connect real and virtual worlds and to ideally utilize innovative possibilities.