Is your exposition too beautiful to not be presented permanently?

Convince interested parties in becoming real visitors.

Present your exhibition to the whole world..


Use the advantages of an impressive online presence.

Whether you are managing sights, museums, exhibitions or galleries – your on-site visitors won’t decrease because of your virtual presence. On the contrary – a perfect website will even attract more interested people.

You determine the sections the virtual guest may see and enable an initial impression to interested parties from all over the world. Furthermore, you can offer fee-based detailed tours online and invite visitors from all over the world online as well.


Model character through innovation:

  • Secure yourself government funding by presenting yourself not only barrier-free but also virtually.
  • Present yourself to people that are not able to take part in public life anymore as well.
  • Allow interested parties from around the world a special initial impression.
  • Offer access from the classroom to schools and education institutions.

„Everything turned out pretty cool. The quality is very good. Often, there are visitors that ask for pictures that they liked after their visits. Now, they can visit the exhibition again and look at the pictures virtually."

- Iva Vasileva -

Optimize your digital marketing strategy.

Our virtual tours are a valuable marketing tool..

  • Help your partners to improve their marketing.
  • Present yourself impressively at trade fairs and events.
  • Offer access to valuable additional information around the clock.
  • Improve your company’s internal communication.
  • Offer sustainable marketing with long-term benefits without considerable additional efforts on your social media channels.
About us

Showit 360 is innovation & passion. We like to play in the future in order to realize exceptional projects in the presence. Our expert knowledge helps you to connect real and virtual worlds and to ideally utilize innovative possibilities.