18 June 2016

And the Oscar goes to ...

Location-Scouting for the next generation

Film and video productions are always internationally anchored and despite the enormous progress in the field of digital post-production are exceptional locations for a not to be underestimated component for successful productions.

A lot of time and money goes into the selection process of the right locations and the preparations before a film crew is in the whole region. Photos are of course helpful, but provide simply too little information and details for a professional planning to mishaps in advance to avoid.

The rotation of "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation" before the Vienna State Opera in 2015, in which Christopher McQuarrie directed, is an apt example. Because "sudden" bothered the pink Albrecht Dürer Hase already planned scene and had to be done for the three fast times aside. Why this was not so trivial, you can guess - also postproduction magic was not an option, since it was still shot on film.

Win-win for everyone involved

What could be more than the object of desire in the run virtually to visit?
The three-dimensional acquisition also brings some other advantages, both for the owner of the location, as well as for the production company:

  • The visit can now be easily made together in a group or virtual meeting.
  • Important details Facilities Planning can be detected in advance - the centimeter accuracies prevented serious planning mistakes.
  • Director and camera crew are not subject to more restrictions in the planning as when the angle of view planning as images o. Subdivision videos.
  • Both post production and camera team can start tracking shots and 3D post-processing in advance.
  • The entire planning process is optimized and simplified - the cost savings are considerable.
  • Especially historical locations are preserved for the important turning or standing at all for a tour available because many Vorortbesichtungen would burden the building structure too.
  • The marketing of the location is greatly simplified - the marketing team are completely new materials (images, videos, 3D animations) available to all digital distribution channels ideal to use.
  • Building owner and location owners can relax now - the location is protected and in the diary remains space for the really important things.

Much potential for marketing all locations in Germany

We are curious - what metropolis in Germany recognizes the first potential and presenting us your locations and venues in the future the most innovative? Berlin, Munich or even the exquisite Nuremberg?

The franconian city has been honored as filmlocation stronghold. The first time in 2015 the FilmFernsehFonds (FFF Bayern) advertised a price for the "Location of the year" which was awarded to Nuremberg. 67 locations were offered to the 5-member jury for selection. Congratulations. The BR has documented the award by Veronica Ferres.

This event was initiated by the action "Filmkulisse Bayern", which was first presented in 2014 at the Berlinale (Pressrelease).

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