Property tours round the clock.

From now on, you can offer property tours
24 hours a day. Comfort for yourself
and your customers.

Your property as mobile as yourself.

Access from anywhere, anytime.

You can offer tours round the clock – directly via smartphone, tablet device, laptop or desktop computer.

We support Apple iOS, Google Android, Chrome, IE, Firefox and Safari.

Always being aware.

Everything at a glance.

Finding your way around everywhere – allowing quick and easy orientation, even in complex buildings.

Snapshots for the documentation of construction processes, fire protection and emergency escape routes.

Capturing spaces in 3D has never been easier.

Accuracy to within centimeters, anytime and everywhere

The first captures that save you time.

Quick start

We create a virtual fingerprint of an area in only a few minutes.

Quick orientation

Find your way around quick and easy, even in complex buildings.

Fast availability

Invite people all over the world to a tour at any time easily via link.

Property tours made easy.

Now, you know immediately if
omeone is seriously interested - even
ithout an appointment on site.

Captures with all the frills..

360° views

Experience like being there.

Indoor navigation 

made easy through exact mappings.

Any device 

is supported - view everytime and anywhere.

Desired Dates – always possible.

You don’t have to worry how to fit
time-consuming viewing appointments
in your schedule anymore.

Properties as transparent as our services.

With Showit 360, you not only experience 3D capturing that distinguish themselves from the competition - our service is a real highlight as well. We precisely embody what you can expect of a full service agency: competency, passion and reliability. The most important stages of production for our 3D recordings are ...


We deliver impressive results quickly - after a short period of time.


Perfectly protected, freely scalable, expendable and fail-proof.


Optimization according to your wishes and custom-made digitalization.

Your files always ready.

You suddenly need your plans?
no problem - you can access
our files online at any time.

User Feedback: 

„A tour has never been easier. Highly intuitive.“

- Simone Haaf - 

„I check my construction site en route which makes my life significantly easier.“

- Franz Reithofer -

„That’s what I call an innovation – after an hour, the recordings were done and online.“

- Clemens Teiber -

„I am thrilled. Highly intuitive and well designed on top.“

- Acho Bilgic -

Change your real estate management with us.

Convince yourself that ...

  • The natural, three-dimensional way of seeing can also be presented virtually.
  • One can be navigated through real estate exactly the same as through traffic.
  • 3D captures provide a basis for negotiations for banks and insurance companies.
  • 3D captures serve for the documentation individual construction phases.
  • 3D captures save time and money. 
  • The smartphone is the better controller.
  • Service contracts can be ideally prepared.
  • 3D recordings are cheaper than manpower.

Then make an appointment now.

About us

Showit 360 is innovation & passion. We like to play in the future in order to realize exceptional projects in the presence. Our expert knowledge helps you to connect real and virtual worlds and to ideally utilize innovative possibilities.